Carole Rosner

Carole is a native Californian, a genuine “Valley Girl” who grew up in the San Fernando Valley. She and her husband just celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary – they have one daughter, who lives in London and is completing her Ph.D., as well as two dogs who are just little people in furry clothing. Carole just spent 6+ years at Crossroads School in their Upper School Admin area assisting the College Counselors, Dean of Curricular Life, and the Learning Specialists. She also helped coordinate the last seven Crossroads’ graduations.

She loves finding vintage treasures at thrift stores, baking all types of desserts except pies, traveling locally and globally, really sleeping, watching quality TV, and being outside as much as possible. She never turns down a margarita or a piece of pizza and is excited to join the Sequoyah School community as a part-time Administrative Assistant for the high school.

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