Kylie Obermeier

Kylie discovered her passion for teaching and childcare while working in the after-school program at Walden School in Pasadena. After having an idyllic summer as a cooking instructor at Sequoyah’s Summerhouse, Kylie is thrilled to be staying on as a member of the Daycare staff. She loves sharing her passions for food, writing, and sports …

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Salome Crespo

Salome Crespo has been with Sequoyah as the Daycare Chef for more than five years. Salo learned to cook from her mom and has been cooking since she was 13 years old. She’s a mother and a grandmother, and absolutely loves being around children. Her favorite part of her job is watching Sequoyah students enjoy …

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Dennis Escobedo

Dennis Escobedo, Administrative Assistant to the Head of School, has enjoyed working at Sequoyah since 2000. Dennis is the coach of the Sequoyah Girls’ basketball team that went two consecutive seasons without a loss leading to back-to-back championships.

Mason Kaye

As the Director of Community Programs, Mason oversees Daycare, Enrichment, and Summerhouse on the K-8 campus. Before coming to Sequoyah in 2016, Mason worked for the Eliot Institute intergenerational Unitarian family camp (253 campers, 30 staffers) in Washington for 16 years where he was the director of the middle school program, director of the high …

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Beatriz Lagunas

Beatriz Lagunas, a Sequoyah grad, is a long-time member of Sequoyah’s Daycare staff and a founding staff member of the Summerhouse program. She brings her positive demeanor, organizational skills, and leadership talents to her position as Daycare Associate, assisting Daycare Director Mason Kaye. Beatriz loves playing with kids, hearing their stories, and learning new games …

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