Cliff Mason II

Cliff Mason II fills a new role as Co-Dean of Students at the high school. Originally from Santa Ana, California, Cliff has lived in eight states but believes nothing compares to Southern California. He received his bachelor’s degree in political science from Stonehill College in Massachusetts, attended the Educational Leadership Program at University of North Carolina at Charlotte to attain a teaching credential, and earned his Doctor of Jurisprudence at Valparaiso University School of Law in Indiana.

While earning his juris doctor, Cliff gained a more intimate understanding of the legal system working in an Indiana public defender’s office. His view of necessary police and judicial reform stems from that experience. Cliff is passionate about analyzing the short- and long-term impact of U.S. Supreme Court holdings and looks forward to engaging students at Sequoyah on the depth of their influence over laws and the individuals who draft them.

He is also a lover of animals, born of his third-grade visit to a tadpole exhibit, and is endlessly fascinated with reptiles and arachnids. His apartment is home to a California kingsnake, a Russian tortoise, an Asian forest scorpion, a Robo dwarf hamster, and soon, large millipedes.

For nearly half of his 11 years in the classroom, Cliff has served as a grade-level dean and cannot wait to join a community of academics dedicated to solving challenging problems and growing together.

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