Laurie Nye

Originally from Memphis TN, Laurie Nye moved from a large, storied family to Los Angeles, to pursue her love of painting, completing an MFA at CalArts in 2002. Upon graduation, she spent time working on her professional career, participating in art exhibitions in both New York and Los Angeles. In 2005, she began pursuing a fulfilling role, educating young children in visual arts at ECHO Horizon School in Culver City. She has spent the last five years teaching K-2 art to a wonderful, diverse student body, including deaf and hearing-impaired children. At ECHO she collaborated with several classroom teachers using various arts disciplines to develop curriculum that fosters growth in a diversity of learners, allowing them to take risks, make mistakes, and grow. Her goal for her students at Sequoyah is to understand that art is a part of life, a way to understand the world we live in, and a tool to get to know yourself, your neighbor or someone on the other side of the world. In her spare time, Laurie loves to go hiking, take road trips, trout fish (in Arkansas), cook for friends, collect blues records, and spend time in her studio making paintings and ceramics.

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