Leilani Brooks

A native of Los Angeles, Leilani is a theatre-maker, storyteller, and teaching artist who has worked extensively with children with varying learning needs. She holds a BA in Theatre from UCLA with a focus on Arts Bridge Education. Over the past five years, she has served as the Theatre Director and Dean of Students at Friends Western School. She has directed numerous productions including, Into the Woods, Green Eggs and Hamlet, Hamilton (a musical documentary), and Alice in Wonderland. Prior to Friends, she taught within the Los Angeles Unified School District where she assisted and created supplemental curriculum for children on the Autism spectrum. Before teaching, Leilani worked for more than ten years with the Disney Corporation where she performed in numerous stage shows and managed productions and events. Leilani’s greatest joy is collaborating with students and helping them find their voices through writing, set design, costume making, and performance to tell their story.

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