Sam Ford

Sam Ford earned their Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics and Master of Science degree in computational data sciences from Chapman University. Sam is in the process of earning their PhD from Chapman in computational and data sciences, where their research is focused on the integration of machine learning and Computer Algebra Systems with Intelligent Tutoring Systems to provide feedback to students across large domains.

Sam’s love of mathematics led them to be the first in their family to attend college. They are passionate about making mathematics interesting and applicable in everyday life and have a wide range of teaching experience spanning high school students, continuing education programs, and five years as an adjunct mathematics professor at Chapman University.

Sam is looking forward to further developing Sequoyah high school students’ understanding of mathematics through technology and of technology and its increasingly central role in daily life. When they are not teaching, Sam can be found spending time with their partner and three cats, trying new foods, learning how to play piano, and exploring topics in the field of recreational mathematics.

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