Shari Majumder

After completing her BA in Music at Oberlin College, Shari fell in love with teaching as a TA at the University of Michigan, where she earned a Masters in Music Theory. She then taught music, German, and sign language at a small, progressive pre-K through fifth-grade school in San Antonio, before moving out to Pasadena. Shari has been teaching at Sequoyah for more than 25 years, in a variety of positions in the upper elementary – associate and lead teacher, and as a specialist in language arts, math and music. In 2017, she began working in the library to focus on her love of books, to work again with all ages, and to collaborate with even more colleagues. A native of Massachusetts, she is a fifth-generation teacher, and wouldn’t be surprised if her own children follow suit. Her favorite moments in the world are watching children’s faces light up when something “clicks.”

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