Cristina Rubio

Cristina is very excited to join the Sequoyah community! She began her professional journey with a double BA in Hispanic Literature and Linguistics and since then has completed a Master’s in Applied Linguistics of Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language (Universidad de Jaén, Spain) with a focus in communicative-based curriculum design. She is currently finishing the last year of a master’s program in the Stylistic and Grammatical Analysis of Spanish (UNED, Spain). Since moving to Los Angeles, Cristina actively gives teacher training workshops to help promote a transition from traditional foreign language programs to an interactive, integrated, and culturally aware approach to teaching Spanish that responds to this generation of children´s communicative needs. While Cristina has authored numerous textbooks, workbooks and teachers’ manuals for a variety of language programs in Spain and the U.S., her most recent curricular projects have focused heavily on working linguistic competency through cultural celebration. She strongly believes that a language cannot be acquired if it is isolated from the traditions and cultural practices, and the community that speaks it.

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