Marin Vasely

Marin Vesely is the inaugural coordinator of the new Design and Fabrication Hub at the high school. Marin is a practicing designer, artist, and technologist whose work centers around storytelling and activism.

As a student, Marin co-founded the first art and technology lab at Pacific Northwest College of Art. Since then, she has taught or completed projects that involve animation, graphic design, creative technology, sound, performance, virtual reality, and more.

At Sequoyah, Marin manages the co-curricular dFab Hub program which gives students, faculty, and staff the skills and provides the tools to turn ideas into realities. Through a variety of after-school, Z Block, and lunchtime offerings, Marin supports students to learn how to use a range of hi-fi and lo-fi tools and materials, such as laser cutters, 3D printers, sensors, and microcontrollers, X-Acto knives, hot glue guns, and more. Her guidance and cross-curricular support will supplement all areas of students’ academic and personal interests, as well as enrich teachers’ skill sets and their ability to imagine novel projects for their classrooms.

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