Zed Kelley

Originally from Alaska, Zed started his teaching career in Avon, CT, teaching music composition, animation, web design, and robotics. He then spent a year in Massachusetts at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, teaching coding and music in their 11th- and 12th-grade feeder program. Zed moved across the country to San Jose where he took a job as Technology Director for Kehillah Jewish High School, introducing computer classes and starting a robotics team. Zed relocated to Los Angeles where he has continued teaching and pursuing music. and spent nine years at Milken High School as a technology integration specialist teaching coding, robotics, new media design, video, photography, and graphic design classes. Once his music career picked up, he took a few years off from teaching to compose music for TV and film. Eventually, he came back to education as the Director of Academic Technology at Valley Beth Shalom Day School in Encino helping develop a one-to-one iPad and laptop program. He also designed and ran a state-of-the-art makers lab. Outside of teaching, Zed enjoys producing music for TV and film and spending time with his wife and daughter outdoors. You can find Zed in the Thinkering Tank on the upper K-8 campus.

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