Chandy Shair


Chandy Shair graduated from Cal Poly Pomona in the early 90s with a degree in liberal studies, a minor in mathematics, and a teaching credential. She has been teaching at Sequoyah for more than 20 years, starting in the 4th-5th-grade classroom teaching math and PE, while also teaching math in the Junior High. For the last few years, she has taught math in the Over There and assisted with math labs in the Junior High. She is currently teaching geometry to a small class of 8th graders, assisting with Junior High labs, and working in the library a couple times a week. Her passion, besides calculating numbers and problem solving, is the outdoors. She loves to run trails, mountain bike, backpack and swim. On the other hand, when she has time to relax she likes to do sudokus, ken-kens, crosswords and, of course, devour a good book, especially historical fiction. She is married to a geologist and has two teenage girls.

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