Viviana Palacio

Viviana, a multidisciplinary artist, is a member of the 9-12 faculty teaching visual arts. Influenced by being born in Chile to Colombian parents and having grown up across the Americas, her works address ideas about borders, boundaries, and shifting identities. Viviana earned her BFA in Studio Practice and Art Education and her MA in Human Studies with a focus in Narrative. As a graduate student, she studied the relationships between discourse and drawings, prints, and ethnographic photographs, and she wrote a book on the history of photographic representation of the indigenous peoples of the Sierra Nevada in Colombia which was awarded the National Award in Cultural Studies (2014). She recently moved to Pasadena from Medellin, Colombia, where she taught at art and design colleges – courses on experimental design, fieldwork for design, art history, and installation art. Viviana is passionate about learning about the ways we see and shares her enthusiasm for the world around us with her students. When she’s not teaching, making art and books, or doing research for documentary films, Viviana loves reading, walking, and dancing.

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